Coding Tool Information on Using the Tool

Information on Using the Tool

The tool works by searching as the user continues typing. It generates (and dynamically updates) three different outputs as the search continues:

  1. On the left it shows a list of words
  1. The second output is matched entities

    This output is sorted by how good the text entered matches the phrase in ICD. It is also grouped by using the ICD hierarchy so that if the search text matches a parent category and several children, they will appear in a fashion that is easy to identify this relation visually.

    The matched words are highlighted in this list. The list shows only the titles but a button will make more matching index entries visible.

    A link to the relevant entity in the ICD-11 browser is also available by using this button

    You may change the sort order by using the dropdown box at the top of the list. We have two options

    • Sort by matching score (default)
    • Sort by classification order

    The codes for non-terminal categories(i.e. categories which has children) are rendered with a gray background in this output. E.g. 1B23

    Quick copying

    Click in on a codes copies in to the clipboard and clicking on a term copies the term and the code that it is contained in to the clipboard

  2. The third output is the chapter distribution. It shows the number of matches found in each chapter of the classification.

    By default the system searches all chapters except the Extension Codes and the Traditional Medicine. One could change the filter by clicking on the checkboxes near the chapter names. If unticked, the results from that chapter are not shown.

    Clicking on a chapter title will show you the results only from that chapter

    Clicking on the Show results from default set will reset the chapter filters that you've defined and give you results from all chapters except the Extension Codes and the Traditional Medicine

Incomplete Results

If the words that have been entered in the search are not precise enough and the system finds more results than it could show, it gives the following warnings:

If it finds results in more than 100 entities, it will show the best 100 matches and will place the warning:

The results shown are incomplete

If the number of keyword suggestions is more than 50 it will put the warning at the end of the suggestion list:

The suggestions shown are incomplete

In these cases, you are advised to provide more information in the search area.

Feedback feature

If the phrase that you've searched did not return a result, you may send us a feedback. If our experts agree, the new phrase will be added to the classification.

To do this: