ICD API allows programmatic access to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). It is an HTTP based REST API. You may use this site to access up to date documentation on using the API as well as managing the keys needed for using the API.

The list of available classification versions updateupdated with the 2020 release and additional languages

API Access

  • View API access key(s) (please login first)
  • If you haven't registered already please Register to get access to the API

Embedded Coding Toolupdate

  • You can easily integrate ICD-11 Coding Tool into your applications.
  • What's new: ECT v1.3 introduces the multilingual support
  • Learn more
  • Embedded Coding Tool is powered by the ICD-API

ICD-API in containerupdate

  • You may deploy the ICD-API locally using Docker
  • What's new: The new Docker image has multilingual support and contains the new release of the ICD-11
  • Learn more