ICD API allows programmatic access to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). It is an HTTP based REST API. You may use this site to access up to date documentation on using the API as well as managing the keys needed for using the API.

The list of available classification versions updateupdated with the 2021 release and additional languages

ICD-11 License is changed update

How to Use the API

API Access

  • View API access key(s) (please login first)
  • If you haven't registered already please Register to get access to the API

Embedded Classification Tool (ECT) new version

  • You can easily integrate ICD-11 into your applications.
  • What's new in ECT v1.4:
    - new Embedded Browser
    - new features for Embedded Coding Tool
  • Learn more
  • Embedded Classification Tool is powered by the ICD-API

Deploying the ICD-API Locally new versions

There are several ways of installing the ICD-API in your systems. Learn more

New versions of local deployment options including 2021 version of ICD-11 are available

  • docker icon
    as a Docker container
  • docker icon
    as a Windows service in Windows beta
  • docker icon
    as a systemd service in Linuxbeta