Deprecation Notice

Version 1 of the ICD-API is deprecated effective 31 December 2022

We see very little usage of this old version of the ICD-API and therefore decided to deprecate this version. Version 2.x of the API is more capable and migration to version 2 of the API is very straight forward see release notes for version

RDF/XML support in the ICD-API (all versions) is deprecated effective 31 December 2022.
There are several reasons for that:

  • There is far little usage of the RDF/XML in comparison to the JSON-LD.
  • Some functionality in our API only supports JSON (such as search)
  • JSON version is much faster than XML
  • Our Open API (swagger) documentation only supports JSON

It's also possible to convert JSON-LD to RDF/XML by using other tools if needed.

Container images of deprecated versions of the ICD-API will continue to be available.