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Information on registering and signing in

You may use the ICD-11 browser without registration. However, registered users of the browser can perform additional functions such as:

  • Contribute to the development of ICD11 by commenting on the content
  • Make proposals that suggest changes in the classification or enhance the content in it
  • Read other users' comments or proposals and participate
  • Access to PDF or Word versions of the classification that can be printed
  • ... and more

You may click the [Log In] link to sign in to the system. If you don't already have an account, it's very easy to setup one using the [Register] link

The ICD Foundation Component

Foundation Component is a collection of ALL ICD entities like diseases, disorders... It represents the whole ICD universe.

In a simple way, the foundation component is similar to a “store” of books or songs. From these elements we build a selection as a linearization. This analogy may however be misleading because there are many links between the ICD entities (like parent-child relations and other).

The ICD entities in the Foundation Component:
  1. are not necessarily mutually exclusive
  2. allow multiple parenting ( i. e. an entity may be in more than one branch, for example tuberculosis meningitis is both an infection and a brain disease)

The ICD Linearizations

A linearization is a subset of the foundation component, that is:
  1. Fit for a particular purpose: reporting mortality, morbidity, or other uses
  2. Jointly Exhaustive of ICD Universe (Foundation Component)
  3. Composed of entities that are Mutually Exclusive of each other
  4. Each entity is given a single parent

Linearizations are similar to the classical print versions of ICD Tabular List (e.g. volume I of ICD-10 or other previous editions). Various linearizations could be built at different granularity, use case or other purposes such as for Primary Care, Clinical Care or Research. The linkage from the foundation component to a particular linearization will ensure consistent use of the ICD.