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Translation Platform

General Information

This tool provides translators a mechanism to collaboratively translate the ICD content. This involves translation of ICD titles, definitions, synonyms and narrower terms. Since inclusions and ICD Index are a subset of the above, they are covered as well.

The very basic functionality of the tool can be summarized as follows:

Stages of a Translation and Translator Types

The tool support different types of translators with different levels of access. There may be multiple people assigned to any of these roles.

Translations go through different stages

The tool will guide the user with the principles listed above so that they will only see the functions they can perform.

Translation Home Page

This is the entry page for the translations. You may find some basic completion statistics here.

You may change the hierarchy display language and the searching language from this page. By default, these are set to English but they can be changed to the translation language. If done so, the hierarchy on the left will display the ICD titles in the translated language and both search and advanced search will search the text in the translated language.

Translation Home Page