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Translation Status and Remaining Translations

Overall completion rates

The home page for the translations contains some basic overall statistics for the completeness of the translations

Here we have information on raw completetion rates as well as completion rates adjusted for the stage of the translation

Translation completion rates

Completion Rates shown in the hierarchy

In addition to the overall completion rates, you could see how much of the translation is completed in a sub branch of the classification by checking the percentages shown in the hierarchy

Translation completion rates

The first percentage is the completion rate of the entity we are at. The second is the completion rate of the current entity and all of its descendants. They are both quality adjusted completion rates.

Remaining Translations

We show one of the 4 icons based on the remaining translations for an entity and its descendants. When you hover your mouse over these icons you'll see more details

Translation completion rates

These icons uses the numbers for the raw translations. So it does not take into account stages of translations