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Information on registering and signing in

You may use the ICD-11 browser without registration. However, registered users of the browser can perform additional functions such as:

  • Contribute to the development of ICD11 by commenting on the content
  • Make proposals that suggest changes in the classification or enhance the content in it
  • Read other users' comments or proposals and participate
  • Access to PDF or Word versions of the classification that can be printed
  • ... and more

You may click the [Log In] link to sign in to the system. If you don't already have an account, it's very easy to setup one using the [Register] link

Creating / Editing Proposals

When you click on one of the buttons under Create a New Proposal you will be taken to a page where you could write your proposal.

Creation of proposals is slightly different for each proposal but the forms that is provided by the software guides you on how to proceed

Content Enhancement Proposal

In this proposal type the system shows the existing content (title, definition, synonyms, etc.) in a way that you can make changes.

Propose Adding a new item

Propose deleting the current entity

Complex Hierarchical Changes Proposal

Saving and Submitting a proposal

When you save a proposal, it's saved in our system but it's not visible to the other users of the system. It will be visible to other users only after you submit it

Certain actions will automatically save the proposal such as the buttons used to propose a new property value. However, submitting have to be done by the proposal author.

At any time, the state of the proposal is displayed beside the save and submit buttons. If the status is "Edited.." then it means that there is unsaved content. The unsaved content will be lost if you leave the page at this stage without saving or submitting.

It is also possible to Retire a proposal if you decide not to submit it and you're sure that you will not work on it later. Once it is retired you will not be able access the proposal anymore!
Retiring is possible when the proposal at the "Saved" state.

Rationale and References

The system allows you adding your rationale and/or references to you proposals. The references could be ISBN ISSN numbers or web URLs

They are very important for us in our evaluations and in some cases they are obligatory (such as when you propose deleting an entity)

You may click the icon at any rubric in your proposal and provide rationale or references

proposal references screenshot